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Stuckart noted that those reports were found by the investigators to be unfounded. His statement referenced an investigative report from Oct. That gap illustrates the limits of U. Cole said they passed within about ten feet of the Sallyport security guard force. To their astonishment, they were immediately surrounded by armed security guards and forced to turn over the 9 mm pistols they both routinely carried on the job. Each time, the bags came back with plastic water bottles filled with liquor. But in reality the booze was everywhere and everyone knew it. Cole eventually uncovered a plot by three Iraqi Sallyport staff working with a dangerous Iran-backed militia, known as Kataib Imam Ali. The company said that the investigators misinterpreted the instructions.

Bootleg iraq us army videos sex videos

US Air Force photo More than documents obtained by AP, as well as interviews with more than a half-dozen former or current Sallyport employees, show how a contractor ran amok after being hired for lucrative and essential combat support operations. According to surveillance videos, just before 2 a. The Kurdish National Movement: It has ties to the leader of the umbrella militia Popular Mobilization Forces, which is on the U. Cole, now 62, returned to Balad in May , as Sallyport was preparing for the arrival of American Fs sold to the Iraqi government. They had also flagged the important cases to management and they had assumed that the company informed the government. Four Ethiopian women who had worked as prostitutes at the hotel were later hired in housekeeping by Sallyport, and were still sending money back to a pimp in the al Burhan. For example, an especially telling document is Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Sa'id's letter of resignation, and there are many more. It was a disaster and it was covered up. Despite the urgency of fighting IS, the delivery of the Fs had been delayed by months amid security concerns. Douglas, with only his wife and their woman mechanic friend, drove from Karachi Pakistan to Istanbul in a Chevrolet station wagon. The planes were getting so weighed down he was worried about flight safety. His statement referenced an investigative report from Oct. From an obituary in The New York Times: The Defense Department declined to comment. They say they were never allowed to follow up on that probe. The company said that the investigators misinterpreted the instructions. Based on firsthand observations by one of the earliest correspondents to Iraqi Kurdistan. The investigators got a tip that the bootleggers were working out of two hotels in Baghdad. The Shiite militia was an ongoing headache, politically connected and operating outside the law, with sidelines in theft and gunrunning. Rumors of the alcohol smuggling reached Cole and King separately. He won the Overseas Press Club's George Polk Award in for "the best reporting requiring exceptional courage and enterprise abroad" for a series of articles on the Kurdish rebels in Iraq. When they were unloaded, the bags were not searched but taken directly outside to be picked up — a serious security risk in a war zone. Staff on base routinely flew in smuggled alcohol in such high volumes that a plane once seesawed on the tarmac under the weight. They say the company stalled the investigation, ordered every step to be approved by its lawyers and finally told Cole and King in a conference call to keep two sets of books. Excels not only for its observations and insights, but also for the publication of numerous official documents. She said informants told them the smuggling was run by the hotel manager and a number of Sallyport employees.

Bootleg iraq us army videos sex videos

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  1. In a call with Sallyport lawyers, they said, they were advised to keep two sets of books about potential crimes and contract violations.

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