Cosmopolition sex positions

Your guy lies on his back, one leg outstretched and the other bent, knee pointing upward. Start by lowering yourself to your knees and crossing your arms on the ground in front of you, using a pillow to cushion your elbows. Lie on the floor with your left leg extended upwards and your right leg stretched out perpendicular to your body. Lie on the floor faceup with a couple of pillows propping your butt. Keep your knees bent and your feet planted on the floor.

Cosmopolition sex positions

Have your partner enter you at a higher angle than usual the pillows will help , planting his hands on the floor beside your head. He leans back at a forty-five-degree angle to your body so he an join his genitals with yours. Your guy sits right behind your buns between your thighs with his legs in front of him and his hands on either side of his body for support. Get down on all fours with your man kneeling behind you and have him plunge inside you, grabbing your rear for balance. Give him a gentle reminder that both his hands are free, guiding them to caress your curves and stimulate your clitoris. Should you start to go off kilter, press your hands firmly to the floor to steady yourself. And you can thrill him by wrapping your hands around his legs and treat him to a titillating thigh massage. Lie on our back witha piillow under your head, your legs in the air as straigh and high as possible. Raise yourself up in a squatting position and put your hands on his upper chest for support. Your man lies on top of you, facing the same way. His penis's circular motions tantalize your vagina while his public bone lightly rubs against your clitoris. This position is all about control - so take it from the get-go and have your man lie faceup on the bed. He lies on his back, his legs spread slightly, his head on a pillow. The half-doggy-style, half-spooning hybrid combines the cozy intimacy of lying side by side with G-spot-rubbing penetration. We've ID'd the absolute best Cosmo Kama Sutra positions to pleasure your g-spot and c-spot, so you're practically guaranteed a thigh-quivering finale. So up the optic ante and channel your inner sex goddess by caressing your breasts and tummy, which will give him even more eye candy. Sit on his thigh, leaning back on your arms for support, then open your legs slightly as he enters you and make slow corkscrew motions. With On the Edge, your man has a full frontal view. Have him enter you from behind, wrapping one of his arms around your waist so neither of you loses your balance. Keep your knees half bent, your legs splayed wide, and your arms high over your head or holding on to his side as in the picture — so that your body is extremely open. The figure-eight motion is key to this maneuver. Stand with your back to your man, then bend over slowly and put your palms on the floor. Lie on your back and pull your knees up towards your chest. For more intense pressure, you can bear down on him so your butt meshes super snuggly with his groin — talk about a stairway to heaven! Plus, the southern direction of his plunge will increase his chances of hitting your ultrasensitive G-spot.

Cosmopolition sex positions

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Around the House Sex Positions Attempted by Real People

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  1. Lie on your side with your back to your man. Have him enter you from behind, wrapping one of his arms around your waist so neither of you loses your balance.

  2. Rest on your elbows with your arms in front of you for leverage. A little firm, well-placed stroking of your G-spot can open up a whole new orgasmic world.

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