Lurid sex

The previous origin of lurid can come across as surprising, since today the word usually relates to bright and fluorescent colors. This usage describes a behavior as being violent or gruesome, similar to the journalistic definition of the word. The crime show gave such lurid details that she couldn't watch it anymore. With a growing awareness of sex addiction as a problem, plus the advent of cybersex compulsion, professional clinicians are being confronted with sexual compulsion with little clinical or academic preparation. Times, Sunday Times He has been badly hurt by the accusations and lurid headlines and it will take time for him to rebuild his life. The affair ended, and they remained friends, but after Latvala returned to the Florida Senate in , the married lawmaker resumed his advances. Latvala has denied breaking the law. Times, Sunday Times The colours glow lurid and vivid. The most common use of lurid is to describe the color of objects with a bright or unnatural glow.

Lurid sex

The article's luridness disappointed and offended many readers. This usage describes a behavior as being violent or gruesome, similar to the journalistic definition of the word. The lurid shade of the snack made the parents wary of giving it to their children. McLeod said he repeatedly groped her in his office and twice pressured her into sex in and In journalism specifically, lurid relates to the writing technique of using a piece's shock value to gain popularity. Times, Sunday Times More volunteers follow with lurid tales of domestic mishaps , each earning applause. Times, Sunday Times But behind the lurid tales there was humanitarian tragedy and there were genuine war crimes. It is destined to be a classic reference. In English, this definition of lurid can be traced back to its first use in The adverb form of the word is used to describe actions that are lurid. The original definition of lurid described a wan appearance of a gray or yellow tone; however, the word's popularity has been in decline since the s. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is examining the case. I hated when we were in an elevator by ourselves. Times, Sunday Times That is because beneath the lurid headlines lies a political dispute. The book serves as an excellent introduction for professionals new to the field as well as serving as a useful reference tool. Collecting the work of 28 leaders in this emerging field, the editors provide a long-needed primary text about how to approach treatment with these challenging patients. Supreme Court confirmed that retaliation is actionable under Title IX where a girls' high school basketball coach claimed that he suffered retaliation for complaining about sexual discrimination in the athletic program of the school, even though he himself was not the direct victim. She told the Herald that she felt trapped. Times, Sunday Times Sydney arrived with a lurid orange mane after dying it for a hair show last week , thinking it would wash out. Origin Since lurid has more than one meaning, it perhaps makes sense that the word also has more than one possible origin. Readable, concise, and filled with useful interventions, it is a key text for a problem clinicians must be able to identify. Times, Sunday Times When they realised that their visitor was not looking for lurid headlines, they began opening up. After several weeks in the hospital, his skin became lurid from lack of sunlight. The Sun Out go the puzzling proportions and lurid colours, so disastrous on pale and sunburnt skins. If, however, the party only challenges the enforceability of the arbitration provision, the challenge must be heard by a court.

Lurid sex

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Prince Andrew 'reaffirms' denial of lurid sex claims

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  1. It is destined to be a classic reference. The adverb form of the word is used to describe actions that are lurid.

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