Right Chair, Right Time, Right Now

Right Chair, Right Time, Right NowAround 1.2 million people in the UK require wheelchairs to get to work, go to school, buy their groceries, look after their children, contribute to society and achieve their goals. Unfortunately, many are unable to do this because their wheelchair doesn't meet their needs. There is also considerable variation in access to assessment and in service provision.

The Wheelchair Leadership Alliance is urging supporters of its Right Chair, Right Time, Right Now campaign to respond to a consultation on the Government's mandate to NHS England to 2020. Though now live, the consultation is only open for comment until 23rd November 2015, so time is very tight.

Getting wheelchair improvement into the NHS mandate
The Alliance thinks that the best way to ensure equality of access, provision and standards across the NHS wheelchair services in all CCGs in England, is to get wheelchair service improvement mentioned specifically in the NHS Mandate.

The NHS Mandate consultation represents a perfect opportunity for voices to be heard. To ensure that change happens, however, success relies on responses from as many people and groups as possible. SWANO is supporting the campaign and urges everyone keen to seize this opportunity to visit the Right Chair, Right Time, Right Now website, where you'll find useful resources, including background information, blank template letters, the alliance's response and a direct link to the consultation itself.

We have only until 23rd November to respond. Please support the campaign - NOW:


Thank you


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