Which is the superior sex

And speaking of sex , consider that women can be multi-orgasmic! Physically very few if any men are in awe of or envy the female reproductive system. Scientists at the University of Adelaide say this may be because a mother's placenta behaves differently depending on the gender of her baby. This is made apparent by the fact that most women need to manipulate their face, hair and make-up in order to be seen as physically attractive. All over the internet, this post sparked debate—and even arguments—on all kinds of topics such as freedom of speech, national politics , expression in the workplace , gender , and more. The issue that got me had to do with accusations of supporting a conception of females as the inferior sex. In the United States, for instance, all races considered, women now live an average of In very basic terms, a pregnancy is the same as foreign tissue growing inside a woman's body. Score another major point for the ladies.

Which is the superior sex

Okay, score's now 4 to 0. A man goes to work, if he has a job, comes home and expects the world from a woman who has done just as much as he has. If a baby boy and girl get exactly the same neonatal medical care, boys are statistically 10 per cent more likely to die. Boys are bigger and grow faster in the womb, which can place a strain on the placenta and lead to under-nourishment of the foetus and high blood pressure in the mother. Male beauty on the other hand exists just as frequently, only the male physical form in it's ideal form provides both aesthetic pleasure and applicable functionality for both himself and others. Women are capable of social and emotional intelligence and there ability to incubate and nourish babies. And this trend is found particularly with suicide. Think well, act well, feel well, be well! Since fatty tissue needs far fewer calories than muscle, women have the double advantage during starvation of having less muscle thus burning fewer calories and more fat thus having a greater amount of stored calories which translates into a metabolic advantage during times of famine. I deeply regret writing that two students in our program in recent years lost their lives to suicide. We go to school, we work 40 hr a week jobs and bring home just as much if not more bacon, we take care of the kids whether the dads are present or not. These include red-green colour blindness, haemophilia which stops the blood from clotting and muscular dystrophy degenerative muscle wastage. We do it all and we have clearly proven that we can. According to a study at the University of Florida, females have a higher tolerance for pain which helps when it comes to childbirth. And when it comes to higher education these days, our young men are struggling. We graduate college more often. Most people including women are pretty ugly, plain at best. Submit Function is the answer It all comes down to function. Men have functional intelligence which allows them to get things done, they also have physical attributes that humans admire and appreciate. Expert on ageing Dr Austad says it may once again be down to hormones. The second explanation is biological, based on the fact that women can bear children. The male's ability to achieve unimaginable physical goals is praised and envied by most, if not all people. A Woman can bring another life into this world. Normally, a person's immune system would reject any such foreign matter. A Mind survey of 2, people revealed that women are far more likely than men to talk through their problems.

Which is the superior sex

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Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?

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  1. British researchers have found that women are better than men at reporting poor health, and more likely to seek medical help when they first experience symptoms. But women have more connections going from left to right across the two halves of the brain, which gives them an advantage in pulling together information from different sources and drawing logical conclusions.

  2. We can do better than that. We cannot in good faith turn a blind eye to current social problems because of different problems that plague our history.

  3. Men are suppose to be the bread winners and bring home the bacon while women sit at home and tend to the house in conjunction with caring for children.

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