Wives and negotiating sex

We refer to this gendered emotion work as performing desire and identify two major manifestations: The majority of those who contacted us also indicated that they were very satisfied or satisfied with their marriage. To which I responded that that was still one more time than the number of days in a week. Part of me worries: Only 5 of the 62 respondents had been previously married. So it has been tough. This suggests that as long as women face societal ambivalence toward female sexuality and bear the brunt of the second shift, some will experience sex as another task in addition to their other responsibilities.

Wives and negotiating sex

Pine Forge Press; You'd think that most people would go into a marriage already understanding sexual boundaries, but that would be fallacy. The moment a couple schedules sex dates, its relationship tensions subside. These couples espouse the belief that men are more sexual than women but see their own experience as anomalous. We conducted interviews throughout One of our friends remarked that because her husband had been "good" all week she'd have sex with him that night. When a female friend he had known for years picked him up at the airport, she broke up with him. The intersection of time in activities and perceived unfairness in relation to psychological distress and marital quality. We refer to this gendered emotion work as performing desire and identify two major manifestations: They may be more willing than other economic and ethnoracial groups to volunteer to participate in a study because they do not have negative historical associations with research projects Collins, ; Zinn, and are more likely to have greater flexibility and control over their schedules. Next, we conducted open, line-by-line coding to identify concepts. Drinking too much can also cause impotence and sterility. However, despite viewing sex as a gauge of marital success, our respondents also contend that the sex drives of men and women differ in ways that may lead to conflict or unhappiness over sex. Thus, although Jake views sex as outside the realm of social engineering and wants Louise to spontaneously express an interest in sex, he tries to change aspects of himself and engages in household labor in the hope that these will encourage Louise to want to have sex more often. Follow me on twitter rebeccaeckler and www. You know, sex is a real indication of the health of your relationship. Yes, this is how ridiculous the negotiations had become. A friend of mine once dated a woman who wanted him to have NO female friends. Paradoxically, Chantelle uses the discourse that women are less sexual than men to potentially gain a degree of gender egalitarianism in her marriage. Grounded theory methods and qualitative family research. Several husbands in our study suggest that seeking a prescription for Viagra and actually taking the pill involves performing desire — that is, they must work to change their sexual feelings, and they do so because their partner wants to have sex more often. Viagra may allow them to perform sexually, but seeking out a prescription and remembering and actually wanting to take it requires actively trying to change their sexual feelings and behaviors. Not to talk of countless pairs of shoes and a Rolex wristwatch. I've came to the conclusion that I'm not perfect, especially in something that is so personal and private as my sex life. I have a very low sex drive.

Wives and negotiating sex

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