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To illustrate, Melvin, age 20, who participated in the qualitative interview, reported 12 casual sex partners, and indicated that for him, casual sex was all about sexual satisfaction and gratification: So I was doing everything like a year-like behind almost. These narratives revealed that many respondents accepted the general notion that there was an appropriate age when they should stop having casual sex, but they indicated that they simply had not reached it yet. Hamilton and Armstrong reported similar themes using a sample of female college students, but our results suggest that this rationale is also frequently invoked within this more diverse sample of young adults. At the time of interview, Jason indicated that he was busy with his online courses, and focusing on getting into a postsecondary technical training program. A number of respondents who participated in the qualitative interviews emphasized that casual sex partners were almost by definition not meant to involve the development of strong emotional feelings, which, for some, was an attractive feature of this type of relationship. Talk to people, get to know people before you jump into anything.

Casual sexual relationships can fill the void during these transition periods. He beat me badly after he came to pick me up. A farmer's daughter appears in the thirteenth century Icelandic Grettis saga ; there, the character and a female servant discover a fugitive warrior sleeping naked in a barn. I know about your girlfriend. Want to come over? She is described as being an "open-air type" and "public-spirited", who will tend to marry a hero and settle down. Why would he want to go that route instead of stay with me? If you turn these men down, then they steal you. They wanted to know where the pretty one was, the girl with freckles. He had become involved with a new partner and moved in with her. Adam, a year-old who worked in an auto body shop, started having casual sex after he broke up with the only girl with whom he had been intimate. The prisoner, or her friends, might otherwise do something place drugs or a weapon in the cell or attack a guard in order to remain in jail. Time and time again I have heard a farmer's daughter say that she would never be a farmer's wife, yes, and at times when she's asked, she changes her mind! Conventional Casual sex is fun Although there are many expressed concerns about casual sex, our findings reveal that the two motivations for casual sex with the highest agreement scores are those focused on sexual satisfaction and having fun. Casual sexual relationships were considered transitional in that respondents sometimes got involved when they were between two committed relationships. For example, Sara, a year-old mother, had two casual partners, and linked at least one of these experiences to the effects of alcohol: For example, James, an year-old high school dropout, reported five recent casual sexual partners. Thus, theoretical treatments that concentrate on the problematic nature of casual sex do not adequately reflect that sex is often a pleasurable activity. The geographic distance makes Sara aware that her casual sex partner was unlikely to evolve into a serious romantic one, but she was nevertheless willing to follow through on feelings of attraction when they were together in the same location. Lindsay, a year-old university sophomore who reported two casual sex partners, explained that timing was the main difference between casual sexual relationships and committed relationships: We found that substance use was an important motivator in our sample as well. For Tori, casual sex was a way to fill a potential intimacy gap between two committed relationships, but she nevertheless described them as much less meaningful relative to her longer-term relationship with Justin. In a parliamentary debate in England, a speaker extolling the right of people to marry outside their class stated: When my cousin went to talk to the policeman that is supposed to guard the market he said only an idiot would take her daughter to the market. Early in the relationship he told her that as he was headed off to college, he wanted to be free to socialize during this phase of his life.

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  1. Violet felt that having a committed relationship would hold her back from fully experiencing the time she had carved out to study abroad.

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